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Date du début: 3 août 2015, Date de fin: 2 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

To live together in peace and social integration are important elements of the common future of society imagine someone. The elimination of social inequality is removed and citizens require a fair society based on equality. A society in socio-economic status, ethnic origin, religious belief, gender, gender identity, physical, mental and spiritual health status or age-related discriminatory policies fueled the economic and social apps, certain groups are left facing social exclusion threat. Social exclusion, departing from the labor market, education and health services to reach political, social and cultural life, inability to participate in a multi-dimensional 'access' and 'participation' is a problem. In other words, it is a matter of social equality and social justice. Roma can be defined as inability to participate actively in society, also pointing to the structural problems of social exclusion, which is concerned with the question of the social. Sociality of the novel is also embedded in the multi-dimensional process of social exclusion. That the problems of social exclusion and to understand the dimensions and processes taking place in different areas of life that we need to believe in our project, we would like to perform. The exclusion of many European countries, and are exposed to discrimination. Our projects with young people will perceive it as a common European problem. And they use the music is a universal language for creating awareness together. The objectives of the project; Several studies aimed at understanding the problems of the Roma in recent years has made. These studies underline that the most disadvantaged groups of the Roma community in Turkey. In these studies, the main problem areas where Roma live in employment, housing, health and education are emphasized. In order to combat discrimination against Roma Roma social exclusion multidimensional and dynamic structure that determines the sociality, the perception of Roma in society is necessary to determine the very best. Rome a permanent status has emerged as a result of social exclusion and stigmatization brought along. Our project we aim to make visible the exclusion of Roma exposed to social exclusion and in all areas. This can create with our music and our awareness of the fight against discrimination, we believe we can perform more effectively.



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