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Date du début: 1 déc. 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project planning congresses and the work camp leader trainings 2017 are the last two training activities during the actual ewoca³ phase (2015-2017). 15 trilateral partnerships, including organizations from 17 different countries, will participate. The objectives are qualification and networking of youth workers in an intercultural context. As a long term aim, they shall help to spread and professionalize international youth work. In order to include relevant topics into international youth work, the focus of the seminars in 2017 will be: “active citizenship” and “working with refugees”. This is the next step after focusing in the first 2 years on topics on “sustainable development”. The youngsters aren’t only expressing their own wishes on important topics, but are shown options to get involved on a local and European level. Participating countries are Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia, Thuringia, Brandenburg, Schleswig- Holstein), Estonia, France, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Romania, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Denmark, Greece, Turkey and the Ukraine. Each of the 45 participating organizations sends one person that is in charge of the project, to take part in the project planning congress. They will participate in an intercultural exchange about central topics of the international youth work, develop common standards and plan their youth encounters. First objective of the Congress is the vital exchange of knowledge and experience and therefore the qualification of youth workers. They will learn new methods and concepts which will be useful for successful youth encounters. Secondly, the cooperation for three years contributes to the formation of long lasting networks. Youth work in general and international youth work in particular will benefit from them beyond ewoca³. To the work camp leader training, every organization will send one person that is in charge of an ewoca³ youth encounter. Some are experienced in the ewoca³porgramme, some are not and some are former participants of the youth encounters. The training aims to qualify them for the challenge of ewoca³ youth encounters, which are addressed to youngsters with fewer opportunities. Moreover there will be space for the preparation of the camps in trilateral teams. At the training, the participants will be dealing with the processes of an international youth encounter and their role as a leader. Thereby they will learn methods to create a nice atmosphere at youth encounters and to deal with conflicts. ‘Active citizenship’ and ‘working with refugees’ will be the main topics of the seminars and the participants will develop methods how to work on these topics with youngsters. In addition, working together strengthens the European network and encourages to further participation in international youth work. Both seminars will be organized and led by the project officer of IBB in cooperation with experienced teams of educators and translators. The methods will be participative and interactive. Thus, the participants will get the opportunity to learn from each other and to contribute their ideas to the seminars.

45 Participants partenaires