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We can dance
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project: " We can dance"; was a bilateral youth exchange project for young people aged 13-16 from two befriended schools- Public Gimnazjum in Zespol Szkol im. Polskich Noblistów in Walim, Poland and Zakladna Skola Trieda SNP 20 in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. The main objective of the project was to increase the potential of young people participating in the project, to raise their educational opportunities and comprehensive development, to motivate young people to spend their free time actively and to develop skills which would be useful in the future in labour market (creativeness, entrepreneurship, active attitude, communicative skills and ability to work in a group). We achieved our objective through the dance workshops organised during youth exchanges. The specific aims: - European peer to peer meetings and exchange of experiences - co-operation and creativity - increasing the youth motivation to physical and social activities and encouraging them to spend their free time actively - an increase in self-esteem of young people and in the awareness of their good sides, skills and talents - development of skills in interpersonal communication, and especially the art of understanding themselves and others - increasing motivation and attitudes to active lives, - development of teamwork skills, - social integration with the local community and target groups from 2 different countries and from different social backgrounds, - promotion of cultural diversity and environmental awareness of existing prejudices and stereotypes and the use of the language of dance as a means of intercultural communication, - mutual education - learning from each other, - development of the skills that will help participants in understanding the world, - fulfilling the need of communication in English and other European language - fulfilling the need of motivation to self-realization - getting over fears of multicultural and multilingual Europe - fighting with gender, race, religious and different culture stereotypes - self-esteem building - exchange of experiences and good practice for leaders and counselors. Young people were working together on terms and condition of the project. By working with tainers and teachers from Poland and Slovakia participants made a cultural event, where local society members were invited. Meeting in Poland was connected with the idea of dance as an uniting element, which breaks all barriers. During visit in Slovakia participants worked on team building and achieving goals. During the project young people developed their communication skills in foreign language, used ICT tools in communication with project partners, built the consciousness of importance of their mother tongues and culture, fought the stereotypes of foreign countries, dealt with career councelling. Using dance and movement increased the physical culture of participants and showed the dance as a safe method of fighting with the stress in everyday life. Most participants established long term relations with people in similar age from different country, it will have a great impact on positive approach towards co-operation with foreign people, both in private and in professional life, in future. It will also bring good self- esteem, open approach towards new intercultural experiences. Sharing with others those "first hand experience" will inspire other young people, their parents, family members and friends to increasing European mobility and building open and friendly approach to other cultures or attitudes.



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