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We Believe in a Better Europe
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We observe that the models of access, use and management of water and energy resource, as well as waste does not apply necessarily in a optimal way to all the organizations nor for all the populations. Within Europe, some have specificities which it is necessary to us to consider, as isolated, small-sized places, or adopting different practices (villages, islands, eco-lots, schools). This starting point allows us to propose a frame to this project through the concept of a " village of alternatives ". Each of the partners can thus become identified through his environment. The alternative solutions concern 3 essential problems in the development of a locality: Energy and Waste: get back some energy from waste (in particular of the combustion of waste). Circular economy: reuse the ultimate waste (in particular the rests of the combustion for the compost). Water: get back the water in the close environment. The pupils will gain(win) a capital gain(increase in value) of their language skills, an improvement of their self-confidence and will strengthen the link with the learnings(apprenticeships) throughout the life. The teachers will share best practice between peers and will discover new manners to implement(operate) their teachings, in particular through innovative activities presented during the meetings of mobility. Finally, it will be the opportunity(occasion) for our Polynesian pupils to strengthen their feeling of membership in this distant Europe, to appropriate this European citizenship, and for the other partners to discover that Europe counts territories ultramarine, right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The preliminary phase aims at implying(involving) the pupils and at becoming identified with the European project. They will express their expectations(waits), a synthesis of which will be published on the Web site of the project. The final phase of the project will allow to verify if the objectives were reached(affected). The creation of a logo will stress the feeling of membership in the project and in this European community. A video clip of promotion(class) of Europe, in connection with the environmental problems and the cultural references of every partner, will be produced with multiple labels(tax stickers), and spread(broadcasted) on YouTube and the eTwinning platform. Other periods articulate around 3 axes developed simultaneously: energy, waste, water. The diversity of the themes and the proposed activities will allow all the pupils to position on a theme according to their aspiration or to their capacities. This freedom will assure(insure) the investment of the largest number, will allow to individualize the objectives and by there even will guarantee the success of the project. Favoring the fight(wrestling) against the early school leaving and the absenteeism. A current situation(inventory of fixtures) will be made on the existing during the first year by the project. For the second year, protocols and experiments will be led in an optics of alternative(alternate) solutions to the problems of the project. The proposed activities will integrate(join) the production of educational works presented at the European partners, to compare and improve the practices. The realization of prototypes will concretize this European educational cooperation during the last year. The conception(design) and the implementation of the answers to problems will naturally be adapted to the specificities of every partner, what will assure(insure) a diversity of the sources(springs) of learnings(apprenticeships) between peers and European citizens. The French Polynesia will be interested for example in the possibility of adapting the solutions to islands and atolls of the South Pacific. An European awareness is set up. A common European statement(declaration) on the management of the water is elaborated and spread, in particular with the local and regional actors. Euro-quizz on waste is produced thanks to a mutualization of the proposals between the partners. He(it) will be tested on a large scale (schools of the neighborhood, the events on the environment, on-line on the platform of European distribution(broadcasting)). An exhibition(exposure) on the theme of waste and water will be produced by all the partners. The touring of this exhibition(exposure) will assure(insure) the scattering of the information and the sustainability of the project beyond the period of the European financing: the exhibition(exposure) will travel in every country, in places distant from these countries (ex: islands and atolls of Polynesia).



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