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WE ASK - Women Empowerment through Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main themes of the training course are interlinked with the need of the participants coming from different backgrounds, whom need a space to learn, acquire and share among peers, as well as access a hands-on experience where they can empower themselves through the “ASK triangle”. The bases of the project is strongly build in as an interlink between, A-Attitudes, S-Skills and K-Knowledge, for a full package on empowerment and awareness raising towards the human rights issues and women role in now days societies. The consortium has expressed a strong interest on gender based issues and leadership tools, considering that a part of the partners work in the fields already and some of them would like to start working in these areas as well, therefore the project will help them get the necessary skills and expertise to prepare for the work.The methodology used to conduct the whole project implementation will be based on non-formal education and learning by doing approach. The non-formal environment will create safe space where participants will not only learn about the topic covered but also acquire other soft skills such as teamwork, public speaking skills, negotiation; inter cultural communications which are an essential competence in today's European youth work. The working methodology shall include communication based methods (interaction, dialogue, open discussions), activity based methods (sharing experience, practice and experimentation), socially focused methods (partnerships, teamwork, networking) and self-directing methods (creativity, discovery, responsibility, action). Interactive methods and exercises will be used to make the participants the actors and reactors of this learning opportunity. The environment will also challenge the participants to get out of their comfort zone and learn new skills from the trainers and the participants themselves. In the preparation phase of this project the participants will also be asked to prepare a presentation on the good practices and challenges which are faced in their communities focusing in the role of women in their societies, that later will be used during the implementation to also increase their learning and share information. The whole project shall require and entail the pro-active role of each single participant that will be encouraged by the diverse methods to be used. Promotion of tools such as: the latest revised COMPASS and Gender Matters manual. Through 2 courses on 7 days each the trainer’s team shall use the whole possibility and space to first build a group, create their safe space of learning, supply them with theoretical and legal tools to fight for women’s rights and gender based violence, and then put them in the shoes of trainers where they can deliver their own workshops.Further on the course based on leadership values for especially women empowerment will give another possibility to the participants to acquire the skills and knowledge.