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We Are The Ones Who Really Care
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project WE ARE THE ONES WHO REALLY CARE will connect three volunteers who are interested in what is happening around them, they want to become an active volunteers and they want to spend their time meaningfully. They want to be active in the public affairs and be those who spread the tolerance and empathy in contact with another race, religion or culture. They are the ones "who really care" so that is why they want to improve also their own competences and skills. They want to fight against the stereotypes and at the same time to work on their own personal qualities and language skills.To accomplish the goal of this project, there will be 3 volunteers present from France, Germany and the Netherlands. The volunteers will be hosted at INEX Slovakia office in Bratislava and in some occasions also in the differences places for the time period 1.2.2017 - 31.2.2017.During 11 months the EVS volunteers will be involved into various activities while meeting different groups of people (children, Roma, disabled people, foreign volunteers, students). They will prepare events, workshops and leisure activities while using the methods of non-formal education. Volunteers will also have time to work on their own project, according to their own interests, but which will also include the intercultural aspects, promotion of volunteering and mobility and which in the end will support their initiative, creativity, communication and presentation skills. EVS project will be a valued experience for the volunteers and which in a huge extend will help them to growth personally and professionally. The project will also have an positive impact on Slovak young people and volunteers because of their active participation on the activities in the local communities which can happen especially thanks to help and involvement of our EVS volunteers.



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