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We are not second!
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The percentage of youth belonging to Second Generations of immigrants is growing everywhere. It is therefore essential to activate processes of social inclusion for people who are experiencing the economical crisis. A lot of outcomes of the crisis are present in higher percentage among people with a migratory background. The project "We are not second!" is composed of a youth exchange and a follow up evaluation seminar Aim of the project is contributing to the empowerment of second generation youth, enhancing their chance of expressing themselves, their personality through theatre, as well as increasing their transversal competence with the realization of creative activities and with the relation with youth of the same age. In this way we will counter the processes of marginalization that young people are subjected to. The youth exchange "we are not second!" will take place between 3rd and 13th July of 2015 in Rome, hosted by the project "La Città dell'Utopia" and it will be prepared with an APV from 22nd to 24th of May 2015. The youth exchange will involve 4 participants coming from 4 different countries, a total of 21 participants from 19 to 28 years, 16 of them with a migratory background who will contribute to the exchange providing their own personal experience. Participants will be involved with non formal educational tools, each session will be focused on the learner, his desires, motivation and former knowledge. Each session will be democratically organized and will see the use of tools such as video projection, focus group, open debates and meeting with other organizations. Youth will be accompanied through a theatre workshop of the association Parteciparte. The workshop, build up in several sessions, will lead to a public presentation of a Forum Theatre performance, that will take place in a public space of Rome. The show will have as subject the second generation of immigrants in Europe. Participants will also learn about techniques aimed at producing quality videos with their smartphone. They will also explore modalities with which using social media as self promotional tools. Dissemination of video will be the the tool with which develop it. The seminar, will take place between 3rd and 7th of December 2015 in Rome, in the same place that hosts the exchange and it will involve 16 youth leaders, workers in NGOs, activists in the social inclusion field. The seminar is thought as to disseminate and maximize the value of the exchange outputs. It will involve the 4 partners of the youth exchange and further four who usually work in the second generation immigrants' integration. Participants will evaluate exchange and share the outputs of the exchange (feedback of participants, experiences carried out, concrete results, evaluation of sending organizations) figuring out how to deal with the problems of second generations at European level. Participants will plan the next activities to be carried on at transnational level on immigrants' second generations, being enriched also by the contribution of experts on the sectors who will provide the European framework on the subject. Results of the project will be the empowerment of youth involved, the increased expertise of the sending organizations and their organizational development on the topic, the sensitization of Rome city around the issue. Product of the exchange will be the theatre show and the video that will accompany it and that will be disseminated through social media. The impact of the project will be multiple. Among youth, first of all, and in second place among their mates that will be involved when they are back. An important impact will be in the city of Rome, thanks to the public representation and finally through the web, with the viral dissemination of the video produced. The experience of the project will be shared through the national and international networks that partners are part of, and will allow them to present it as a model of an effective action on the subject of second generations. Finally there will be an important impact in sending organization who will increase their capacity to deal with the issue of second generations.



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