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We are fighting against Addiction
Date du début: 3 août 2015, Date de fin: 2 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Just like in any other place addiction is also one of the major threats that youth encounter in Adana. Day by day it is rapidly spreading among these youngsters and it requires influential and concrete solutions as soon as possible. Our project will not be limited with only drug addiction but will also deal with alcohol, smoke and internet addiction which affect youth in various ways because they are not aware that their bad habits are in fact an addiction. Within our project we will contextualize the difference between habits and addiction. Besides this we will investigate the factors of being addicted and try to offer alternative solutions. By working together with youth coming from different backgrounds and regions we will ensure that they comprehend the cultural diversity and are free from their prejudices. The participant countries are: The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Croatia and Turkey. There will be 10 participants from the coordinating host country Turkey and 6 participants each from the partner countries making a total number of 40 participants. The participants will be between the ages of 18-25 and are required to have at least an intermediate level of English. Our partner institutions will take into consideration the gender equality and also the harmony of the group as much as possible. Activities: In our project about addiction, there will be a total of 40 participants from the host and sending organisations and the necessary precautions will be taken in order them to actively take part in the project activities. For our project to reach its aims, the roles and responsibilities of each partner will be notified in written document to be shared with the participants. In order to attain our project objectives the participants will be given the sense that they are a part of the project. They will need to get used to each other and work in tandem with each other in a very short time. Therefore in order to implement successful project activities, ice-breaking activities play a crucial role on the first day. In the following days regarding our project different methods like group work, workshops, outdoor activities and pair work will be used. We will lay stress on the concept of addiction and its kind, the reasons of addiction, ways of avoiding addiction and alternative methods. Dissemination and new project ideas are also important activities of our project. All the participants will actively take part in the dissemination activities after the project. The outdoor activities and visits within the project are crucial in terms of local introduction. After the project, as an output, a brochure on youth and addiction will be published. The Methodology of the Project: Non-formal education methods will be used in the project. This will enable our activities to be productive and also the active involvement of the participants in the activities. By virtue of participant-driven non-formal education method the participants will take part in teamwork activities according to their abilities. Workshops, team-work activities, indoor and outdoor activities, games and evaluation activities will be held within the context of our project. There will be cultural night events in order to promote intercultural learning. The security and health of the participants will be provided by informing the relevant organisations and taking the necessary precautions. Project Results: Project results will be the main indicator of successes of our project. In this respect at the end of our project a brochure on youth and addiction will be prepared by the participants. This brochure will be shared with the relevant stakeholders in our region and at local level by the partner organisations making the project results reach large masses. The participants will individually improve themselves which will make great contributions to their personality development. These youngsters becoming self-aware about addiction will contribute to creating awareness in the community. The participants will comprehend such concepts as European citizenship and European values. This project will also serve as a preparatory study to new and long term European projects.



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