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We are Equal Everywhere
Date du début: 1 août 2013,

Our project contains the meeting of the 4 Youth Associations that we would like to realize in the Sport Guesthouse in Ada. The meeting will last from 14 th Oktober to 23 rd Oktober 2013. Our young members will meet with Slovakian, Hungarian, and Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonian young people. 8-8 underprivileged students will arrive from the partner countries. Our main topic is the equal chance for underprivileged youngsters in the everyday-life. Within this we deal with sub-topics like gender equality, social exclusion of ethnic minorities and those of living under state care. Our methodology will be based on the experiential and intercultural learning. In the evenings we will organize cultural nights where the countries introduce their cultures. We emphasis the introduction of the Roma culture, By this participants can get knowledge about each other’s culture, customs.



3 Participants partenaires