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We Are Coming Rougher
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We Are coming Rougher is a youth mobility project that will take place in Otranto, a village in the South of the Apulia Region. The activities will be implemented from 3 to 11 june 2016. The project will involve 40 young people (aged 18-25 years old), members of youth organizations from Greece, Italy, Spain, Malta, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Jordan.The project come from a bad situation lived by the italian participants in the local context. In the province of Lecce a politician movement is making a populism campaign against the Muslim culture and is blocking the opening of an Islamic University a lecce, scaring local people with false information about the islamic culture. Sharing problem with the others partners, SEYF and the others promoters organization decided to promote a project aimed to promote the culture of tollerance and the respect of differences, testing some public events and some media campaign for fight the disinformation campaign adopted by the populist movement. The success of this action and all the tools that will come out from the project will be shared at euromediterranean level as an example of active citizenship against xenophobia.Through the sharing, monitoring, analyzing, evaluting experiences, knowledge and best practices, the project is going to deal with the new trend of the intercultural approach. Thus, the project will focus on new ways of young people best involvement in youth projects, educating them to a stronger sense of active citizenship.The main objectives are:- to enhance the value of differences and cultures trhough team building effect and trhough the construction of intercultural dialogue;- to educate young people to intercultural learning and to a more positive attitude towards other people and cultures.- to promote Non-Formal education and Participatory Approach as a powerful method for improving ourselves and the society;-to seek alternative / innovative forms for the spread of common values of integration and active participation;- to stimulate creativity and talents of young people involved,(making participants able to use them concretely) with the objective of their concrete use -in their respective daily life;- provide for the territory an opportunity of comparison with other European and parnter countries;- turn a space disused in a space for young people aggregation, useful for the improvement of their knowledge.The methodologies used for “We are coming Rougher” meet the requirements of the non-formal learning: the young participants will know the local realities involved in creative strategies for the development of new work opportunities for young people; they will be main actors in order to know, test and make aware interests and ideas about the participation process. Workshops and visits to local activities, icebreaking, team building and problem solving activities with related de-briefing, daily evaluation moments will be the centre of the exchange that will result as a constructive know-how sharing. Finally, thanks to the realization of group game for the transfer of intercultural value, the participants will be involved in a transfer process of knowledge by the peer communication. The youngsters will became protagonists and messengers of Europe in a small reality, far from the main circuits, where people have different conceptions of their role in the society.



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