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We Are All Migrants
Date du début: 30 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 29 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The context in which the service will be carried includes the main territories that have been the protagonists, in recent years, of strong flows of migration. The numerous victims of migration towards these territories have turned migration a real humanitarian emergency. This project deals with the social aspects related to migration flows, the reflection about the “migrant’s identity”, the motivations that push towards the migration, the reflecton about past events from which common solutions can be found. The specific objectives of this project are: 1) to increase the knowledge about the local context and to rediscoverand reevaluate the value of “memory” on the specific issue of migration; 2) to know more (through visits and personal knowledge of associations that work on the topic of migration, such as reception centers, health services, multifunctional info-desks, etc.) about the local response to the phenomenon and about social and cultural changes arising from it; 3) creative re-elaboration of the material collected through verbal, written or acted means of communication and through the use of new digital technologies; 4) to give a contribute to the promotion of “Community Cooperation” promoted by Tulime Onlus, dicovering how it can be related to flows of migrations. The overall objectives of the project are: the learning of socio-cultural tools to understand a different culture and a specific issue; learning of the values of Tulime Onlus (sharing, responsibility, communication, solidarity, respect, etc.), the development of skills in the field of social research and the ability to compare the collected results; to develop the skills of observation and reflections on phenomena in evolution; development of communication skills, intercultural mediation, organizational skills, team work, increased awareness related to the European citizenship. The planned activities are: 1) researches and visits to archives and documentation centers; 2) meetings with communities of migrants and associations in Palermo that work with them (including the possibility of carrying out activities of collaboration with them; 3) organization of events aimed at the dissemination of results; 4) cross-cutting activities, in close collaboration with the staff of Tulime Onlus. Participants will be 4 (coming from Germany, Tunisia, Turkey, Spain) volunteers aged between 20 and 28 who possess the following basic skills: a basic knowledge of English, spirit of initiative, adaptability, inner motivation and interest in the subject of migrations and cultural dialogue. The methodology used during the project includes: the use of new technologies direct knowledge of the context, non-formal education activities, "peer to peer education" methods. The expected impacts of the project is to discover the value of “memory” about migrations and to communicate this importance to the local community; the local community in Palermo (including migrants), and the various targets of the project will enjoy the benefits of the project; volunteers will enjoy all the benefits described in the general objectives such as experience, skills development, personal growth. In the long term, the participants will become a resource for partner organizations in the preparation of new projects. The main long-term change on the participants will be an inner reflection on the issue of migration and cultural identity and dialogue as well as a greater engagement in the topics of volunteering, active participation and solidarity.



4 Participants partenaires