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We All Need Traditional and Enjoyable Dances
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

As understood in 2020 Youth Strategy, European Union gives big importance on youth policies as much as education, supports the youth to take part in all areas of social life actively. So, with the help of our project we want to enable the youth to develop competencies; to explore new cultures, new habits and new lifestyles through peer education and to strengthen the values such as solidarity and friendship. As a group of "Dans Her Yerde", our main objectives are to increase interest and awareness of our traditional dances, to learn other cultures' traditional dances and to teach them to the youth, to raise awareness of European countries and culture. Our Project objectives are in accordance with the main objectives of Erasmus+ programme such as to give more opportunities for the mobility of the youth, youth workers, youth organizations and youth leaders, to increasethe level of the main abilities and competences of the youth including the disadvantaged ones, to encourage active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity. At the same time, our project appeals to the Erasmus+ programme objectives such as to support etrepreneurship in the field of youth, to increase awareness of EU citizenship, to support active participation of making European policies and to support the opportunuties of informal learning towards to youth. The main activity of our project is the youth exchange among the youth and youth leaders from Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. The activity will take place in Nazilli between 05-11 October 2015 with the participation of 24 youth and 4 youth leaders. The activities planned in the project will develop the capacity and the competences of youth and youth leaders. The participants of the project are between the age of 18-30, equal number of girls and boys who are willing to disseminate the project activities on local, national and international platform and have motivation and readiness. At the same time the participants, who have the ability of team work, cooperation, work discipline, work responsibility, solidarity, sharing the knowledge and experiences, having taken part in different traditional dances in their local region. The methodology of the activity is based on developing the competences of the youth; discovering new cultures, new habits and new lifestyles through peer education and to strengthen the values such as solidarity and friendship. During the activities the participants will use many techniques such as peer education, learning by doing, discussion, situation analyses and team work. With the help of the project; the consciousness of citizenship, interpersonal communication abilities, intercultural learning and language competences, competences of active using of communication technology, creativity, the sense of sharing common values, the ability to run and plan European projects, team awareness, the sense of belonging to a group of the participans will increase. In organizations, the competence of cooperation among national and international organizations will increase, there will be more active participation in Erasmus+ projects, the cooperation among non-governmental organizations will develop and there will be new networks across Europe. In the long term results; the participants' awareness and concsciousness of Europe will increase; increasing the level of information about Europe, belonging, youth and youth policies will be provided. At the same time the participants will have the chance of taking part in international projects, will be more active in youth projects, will take part in ongoing youth exchange projects as a successful leader and they will be included into society by the help of youth works.



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