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We all are on the way
Date du début: 1 déc. 2010,

The main aim of ten days training course WE ALL ARE ON THE WAY is to get to know more about the phenomenon's of nowadays world as migration, globalization, relationships between majority and minority, modernity and traditions; to get to know more about issues which are widely discuss in media and in society, but do we really know what's behind them? The training course will be mainly based on intercultural learning techniques with the main goal provide the young European workers and youth leaders an opportunity to exchange opinions, share experiences and learn new techniques and methods which the participants can later use for working with youth especially coming from minorities and creating campaigns against racism and xenophobia as well as for networking in youth field. The training course WE ALL ARE ON THE WAY will connect 26 participants coming from Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Lithuania, Czech Republicând Latvia and it will take place in Macedonia.



12 Participants partenaires