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Water Pipe Condition Assessment based on Acoustic Resonance Technology (WAPICA)
Date du début: 5 oct. 2012, Date de fin: 4 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Breivoll Inspection Technologies AS (BIT) is a Norwegian SME assessing status of in-ground water pipes based on a patented. After R&D activity since 2000 and pilot testing during the last year, we now want to deploy the technology commercially in the broader European market. This project application addresses BIT company establishment in Germany and England, enabling sales of replicated technology to 13 EU countries.Water pipes in Europe are mainly metallic. Today BIT is the only consultant world-wide able to deliver status reporting on metallic pipes showing inner and outer wall corrosion, remaining metal thickness and other important features for assessing whether to perform maintenance activities or not. The usage of cast iron and steel for water mains in 12 European countries varies from 40% to 90 %. Across Europe, the water infrastructure, especially in major cities, has been built during the last 150 years, and maintenance budgets are not keeping up with pipe decay. Consequences of water delivery failures result in lengthy close down of water supply, reduced pressure in the pipe infrastructure, and water pollution during break down and repair activities.The global water market is worth just over 500bn. The economic fundamentals for investment in the water industry remain stronger than in almost any other sector of the global economy. World-wide there are 164 water companies in 29 countries, most of them European. The size of the private water sector continues to grow. Players in the market have taken big interest in BITs new and ground-breaking technology.Project aim is to replicate the BIT technology and deploy it in the European market. Two Inspection Units are going to be built and deployed. Partners will be signed in during early stages of the project. Total cost of the project is 1 928 000 Euros. The project will contribute significantly with high innovation factor to the improvement of maintenance of drinking water mains in EU.