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Wake up city
Date du début: 2 août 2016, Date de fin: 1 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Young people in the cities of post-communist countries of the European Union are facing difficulties dying city ulcers, which are also researching Kiril Stanilov, Ludek Sykora in the book Confronting Suburbanization: Urban decentralization and postsocialist Central and Eastern Europe. Young noticed that we were in the city center less and that is always less offers (economic, cultural) in the center. This is also confirmed by analyzes that show them in the project "Saturday as we want." (Source: http: //, dated 18.08.2015).On the exchange will be made an analysis of measures and activities in places in the youth field. We will analyze youth activities. We will do a survey, where we analyze the results of a survey among young people in the municipality and gain snapshot knowledge and awareness of the role and position of young people and on the level of awareness and involvement of young people in decision-making processes in the local community. Participants in Youth Exchanges will be in the city center analyze problems and through entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship recognize the opportunities offered by the town. As has been the past Murska Sobota famous for "Senju" (fair), we organized an international youth fair, where we will present the products that we ourselves have done and what we attract into the center of the local population. To understand the migration, we will look to role-playing examples of economic migrants. Based on the analyzes we have prepared a brochure aspirations of young people. The catalog will represent a set of ideas, expectations and needs of young people in places in all areas of public life, directly or indirectly affecting youth. The catalog will be presented to the mayor of the city of Murska Sobota.After an exchange the partner organizations will in their places present examples of good practices and aspirations of young people and youth strategy in the municipality of Murska Sobota.As a result, they will reduce the factors that influence young people's decisions educated, the latter to move away from the region. It will raise the awareness of the potential of young people and the need for early action to combat the shortage of young people. It will affect policies at the local, national and European level to better provide aid to regions where the economic and demographic development is threatened due to the 'brain drain'.The used methodology will be based entirely on informal peer education, inclusive approach of participants and non-formal learning situations. Through group work and divided the tasks will ensure the active participation of each participant. Participants will take part in the decision-making process which will create efficient work during the project.



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