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Wake hidden art up!
Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project is concentrated on education of youth leaders. Staff of SVC Decko is experienced in the area of the youth work and they carry out a lot of successful projects. The organization was also awarded by Czech National Agency for supporting improvement of the quality of youth work. This time we would like to show to youth leaders that traditional art techniques are useful tool in the youth work. As the traditional art is not used - and even not noticed - by youngsters and a lot of pedagogues we consider it as a 'hidden'. Through implementation of the project we would like to lead participants to discovery of this lost treasure which can give knowledge about our roots, identity, awareness of similarities and differences between European cultures.The objectives of this project are:- to protect traditional art against being forgotten- to improve the quality of the youth work - to teach youth workers forgotten art techniques - to share and create innovative methods of using traditional art- to promote positive attitude to traditional art, to make people aware of its value- to analyse attitude to traditional art in different countries and find a way to make traditions attractive for youngsters- to expand knowledge of youth leaders about 'hidden art'- to encourage youth leaders to use traditional art in their workTo achieve our objectives we will organize seminar for youth workers. It will be carried out in Nachod, Czech Republic from 1.04.2016 to 5.04.2016 and it will be dedicated to 17 youth leaders from 7 European Union countries. We will use non-formal education methods, mostly learning by practice. The most important impact on the participants is gaining practical knowledge about using traditional art techniques in innovative way. The youth leaders will be prepared to include traditional art techniques to their daily work with youth. They will improve their communication skills and they will be motivated to introduce tradition in the attractive way. Moreover through discovering 'hidden art' they can learn a lot about their national heritage and to become more aware of their roots and identity. They will also realize similarities and differences between European cultures what will motivate them to explore our common European heritage and to feel part of it. They will be familiarized with traditions from other countries so they can implement it to their work too.Through educating youth workers the project will have impact on the youngsters as well. Thanks to the project the youth will have opportunity to take part in good quality activities which will help them to develop themselves, specially in the field of art.We expect the main impact on them will be similar like for youth workers - they will know more about 'hidden art', they will realize it is important part of their cultural heritage and they will be willing to protect it.We will also carry out dissemination activities to spread informations about innovative methods in youth work and our experience in this field.The most important long term benefit is protection of traditional art and cultural heritage, increasing of European awareness and openness for different cultures.



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