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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Exchange: 5-12.01.2016. Preparatory visit: 28-29.11.2015. Design period 5-12 January 2016 has been prepared for 40 people (14 participants and 2 leaders of Polish and 10 participants and 2 leaders from Spain and Portugal). Was to restore the tradition of caroling (walking with Turoni or star, characteristic of the Polish south-east, so held in January. Participants prepared on the basis of the performance of the carol singers with the Hawks (k.Tarnowa) and Pastoral Leon Schilera its own program and on completion of the project Visitors residents Czudec (Czudec chose during a preparatory visit among all leaders, because it liked the spaciousness and gymnasium, and snow, and the planned lZaczerniu were to be other groups). We went as carolers with his performance, enriched carols from different cultures. all activities It served discussions about cultural roots of modern Europe, integration of all national groups, to strengthen cooperation in the local environment, revealing the beauty and uniqueness of Polish culture and the promotion of the Erasmus + at the beginning of its operation. the most important activities were supplemented by trips to Krakow for the exhibition of cribs of Cracow, and the feast of the Three Kings (traditional march through the streets of cities) and the Hawks for a meeting with the folkloric group of carol singers. When the project cooperated with the Marshal's Office in Rzeszow and the Municipal Office in Trzebownisko and parish in Czudec. We expected that it will increase the competence of participants, their knowledge of the culture of Europe, moreover, communication skills.



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