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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The strategic framework of the submitted project is presented by the document „Conception of the education of the members of the Police of the Czech Republic“, which was approved by the Minister of the Interior of the Czech Republic in 2008. Within the framework of the defined objectives of this material the accent has been given to increasing the international cooperation in the field of police education, to the exchange of experience and to the process of taking over the best practices to the area of creating vocational training courses in the conditions of the Police of the Czech Republic. It may be stated that over a long period the development of such specific types of activities is very difficult to be funded only from the budget of the Police of the Czech Republic. Therefore, the content of the project „Together against crime by education“ has been drawn up in a way reflecting the given objectives to a full extent. Altogether 7 relevant partner organizations from Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic have joined their efforts in the participation in implementing the project through the relevant mandatory agreements. Despite not having formal partner commitments, other three Polish, Slovak and Czech organizations will join the cooperation. The role of the coordinator of the project is performed by the Institute of Criminalistics Prague. During the creation of the project great importance has been given to the requirement that all participating organizations should assume equal and balanced responsibility for the implementation of particular project activities.The main objective of the project is the creation of two brand new educational programmes (courses) for further vocational training of police officers, which will be subsequently implemented within the continual process of the police lifelong education in the environment of the given EU member states. The curriculum of the first programme will aim at a group of forensic technicians; the curriculum of the second one will address the needs of forensic experts. Forensic technicians work in real conditions of the police working experience at the crime scene, where they search for and collect the traces which are eventually used for convicting perpetrators. The main mission of forensic experts has been the performance of specialist expertise in accordance with the requirements of particular police departments. At the same time both groups of the employees of the relevant police forces represent the main target groups of the project. The main project activities comprise four two-day international project meetings held with the aim to successively create the above mentioned programmes (courses). Together with other subsidiary materials these programmes (courses) represent fundamental outputs of the project. For purposes of the verification of the correctness and completeness of their content and pertinence of the educational methods seven five-day pilot courses will be held and arranged according to particular topics and according to the hosting partner organization. Four of them are devised for a group of forensic technicians and three of them for a team of forensic experts. Evaluation of these pilot courses will form their integral part.In order to ensure sustainability of the project’s results, the programmes (courses) will form a part of the curricula of the education offered to relevant groups of police officers as well as to those attending courses of further vocational training provided by particular police schools. The programmes’ graduates will then act as trainers continuously passing on the acquired knowledge and skills to their colleagues in respective regions.Dissemination of the project‘s outputs will be ensured by publishing a brochure containing the information on the carried-out project, the graduate’s profile, and the content of the educational programme. Another project output, useful for the purposes of the required dissemination, is a video acquainting police officers of all three police forces with the results achieved in the project. The overall budget is fixed at EUR 197759,00 in total.



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