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Vorwärts in Europa und der Welt
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A1: The main objective of the project of the European College BBS Wechloy with the title "Vorwärts in Europa und der Welt (short: VIEW) - ahead in Europe and the world" is that participants should get an immediate and direct impression of the world of work in our partner countries. A clear project scheduling - with respect to the agreements with the partner organizations - for the application process of the trainees as well as the implementation and evaluation of the project shapes the quality of our work . In various subjects at our college students are taking a closer look at global/European trends such as the economic crisis and its effects on the world of work in other European countries. Due to the relatively high number of mobilities at our school (72 trainees from nearly all business and administrative professions , including 12 participants in the extra curricular qualification " Sales person for international business activities," as well as 9 Business Assistants for foreign languages and correspondence) students are able to share their insights, experiences and results of the project work in their respective classes. Furthermore the BBS Wechloy also organizes forums and exhibitions dealing with European topics such as the different educational or social security systems. These are interesting topics and initiate beneficial discussions even among students who have not participated in the project. During the mobilities the participating students receive extra observational tasks and work assignments like “Youth unemployment in our partner countries” and “The impact of the "Euro crisis"” also in non-EU-countries like Norway. Thus, the development during the certification period can be made transparent and due to the publication of the outcomes even students who have not participated in the mobility get an insight. The mobilities that last between three and eight weeks have become an integral part of our college life. Due to our marketing strategies within the college and the trainees’ companies we now have a lot more students who would like to participate than places on offer. A2: Our main objective as a “European College” is to support our trainees in gaining international vocational competences in order to equip them with the skills and competences which the European economy and society needs to stay competitive and innovative according to the strategy “Europe 2020”. Our basis is the desired internationalization of vocational education and training of the Ministry of Education in Lower Saxony (cf. KMK “Internationalisierung als Strategie beruflicher Schulen”, Sept. 2012, p. 3-7).The new demands on employees are increasingly characterized by international competences and qualifications. Thus, the teachers of the BBS Wechloy are the initiators and multipliers of the idea of an international professional training, empowering future generations to be able to work in foreign (European) countries without any major problems. The colleagues ("country teams") who all teach in the various business sectors and at least one foreign language, are the main actors in this project. Based on the results already gained on the needed skills of employees it is our aim to develop a concept including an internationalization strategy on how to teach the required international vocational competences either as an integral part of the curriculum or as extra qualification in educational institutions as well as companies in order to increase the "employability " of future employees. In order to fulfil this task an exchange of information about the business behavior of companies with international contacts is essential. Possible methods for exchange are workshops, round-table-discussions and participating in lessons/lectures. At the same time the country team members are asked to collect all kind of information concerning curricula for the development of international competences and used materials and methods. The continuous evaluation of the results is also useful for the partner countries since all partners can rely on common concepts and materials and these can continuously be adapted to changes. The development of a network " Skills for Europe " is planned. The participation of twelve receiving institutions from eight participating countries as a multiplier for our project provides an optimal basis for the work on the implementation of the project title "Ahead in Europe and the world ( VIEW)".



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