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Voneinander lernen durch Job Shadowing Erasmus+
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project concerning the Partner Mobility of Erasmus+ has got two partners. First of all, there is me, Carina Frey, an Austrian teacher at the Neue Mittelschule in Burgenland teaching English and Geography. The second partner is Virpi Hatakka, a Finnish teacher at the Laurin koulu school in Mynämäki teaching German. Miss Hatakkas Job Shadowing should take place in November 2015 and mine probably in March 2016 (has already been confirmed by the school itself). I would like to introduce the main topics and targets of the Neue Mittelschule and how important it is in the Austrian educational system. As well I would like to emphasize the possibility of digitial learning systems like computers, tablets or mobile phones - how to use it in the classroom at its best. Taking a closer look at these digital ability in finnish schools and their operators for digital skills (both concerning the pupils and teachers). All these things should happen with the big emphasize of the use of the German language. My expectations for the finnish school will be to understand the school system of their country and to get to know the differences between ours. As well finding things that we have in common with finnish schools or even better. Nevertheless, getting to know what our school systems could need and would be able to be implemented without big problems. The long-term usage of this project will hopefully be as formative as I can imagine for my future teaching career. Getting to know about other systems, education, pedagogy, as well as digital learning.



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