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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Through this project we would like to strengthen the European dimension of our activities concentrated mainly at local level by supporting the participation of young people, including our own territory, to various forms of voluntary activities, giving them the opportunity to express their personal commitment to stimulating their mutual solidarity. The project proposed is structured in different phases. The first concerns the cooperation with the territory and the local community. The volunteers will have the opportunity to meet and to work with voluntary members of ASVM. It will be possible, based on the interests training or ability of the volunteers, to know and to get in touch with one or more organizations, see the realities in which they operate, know its history, activities, how they work. Thereafter, they may choose to work with some of these to help them in performing certain tasks. Volunteers will be introduced to several local associations, to collaborate with them in interesting and useful activities that will also mean a further enrichment and growth for young volunteers. At this stage it will be very useful for the volunteer to spend few hours at our desks decentralized. The choice of the association will depend on the ability and motivation of volunteers, as well as agreements between ASVM and associations. The next phase will be different and depending on the path that the volunteers together with mentor and area managers will decide to deepen; the areas where volunteers will be involved are: promotion area, research and developement area, and training area. In all the project activities the volunteers will be joined and supported by qualified operators . The time commitment of volunteers in support of the projects will vary greatly depending on the time and the skills and resources that volunteers will be able to make available within the projects. The volunteers will take also part in the routine activities of ASVM. In particular , the planning area provides for the tiling of the European volunteers in coordination tables active on the territory. If volunteers are interested in, will be able to assist the operator in the simple advice to voluntary associations , to learn counseling techniques and approach to the world of volunteering. In addition to this aspect of professional interest , advice to associations can be a useful tool for volunteers to be aware of the issues and the problems that brings the world of volunteering Modena. The volunteers involved (from Spain and Poland) will stay for a period of 9 months starting from September 2015.



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