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Volunteers go for fair europe
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We offer the volunteers a frame to adapt competences for building a fair europe. Our volunteers will work in different projects invoving youth services. The youth sercvice will animated to make their daily routine european. The highlight of the single activities is a cooperated activity, the festival "Volunteers go for fair europe". Youths and young adults from Jena get the chance, to get informations about european mobility programms and informal learning. The festival is getting more known. Our european volunteers develop competences in the sector of formal and informal learning. We expect five volunteers from five different countries. We were looking for volunteers from different regions. There´ll be two women and three men. The volunteers work in five different hosing projects. There they are involved in the daily routine. They enrich the activities with own arrangements. Our common project, the festival "Volunteers go for fair europe" will be prepared and realized by all volunteers together. There for we´ll do a weekendseminar, to develop the contents of the project. The volunteers will realize the festival together with their hostingorganisation. They will do their own workshops, that show their work in the hostingprojects and the cultural background of their homecountry. The festival will take place on a weekend in summer 2016. The volunteers will prepare their workshops independently, take responsibilty for the advertisement and try to reach as much past, present and future volunteers in Germany. We´ll meet periodically with the volunteers and the tutors to prepare the fesitval. Also a weekend in a Youthhostel close to Jena belongs to this. We´ll be in touch daily also over social media. We participate together with the volunteer from the beginning! The festival will achieve different impacts. First of all, the involved volunteers will achive special abilites. They will learn how to organize a festival in a team and to organize and fullfill task in their own responsibility. The success of the festival will give them motivation for future projects and improve their self-confidence. As they deal with the theme of " fair Europe " , they will turn their attention to the European Community and ask questions , seek changes and be themselves involved in the design of a common Europe . The participating young Germans at the festival will get information on European and global mobility opportunities . They will be able to orient themselves better in the current oversupply and the benefits of the funded programs such as Erasmus + . Through joint activities in the workshops, they can experience more about the program and the experience gained in direct action with European volunteers . The long-term benefits of this project are first of all to strengthen European awareness of the participating volunteers and the implementation in their future and the spread of the Erasmus+ for german youths. We as a coordinating organization can therefore produce more teenagers giving the chance to obtain advice and be send from us for EVS.



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