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Volunteers for Culture and the Environment!
Date du début: 17 juin 2014, Date de fin: 16 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This is a Youth Volunteering project that consists of 3 different EVS activities and 11 young volunteers from Austria, that will be hosted in Messinia region, Greece. The project combines culture with the environment and aims to give the young volunteers a comprehensive learning experience, that will have a great impact on them, helping them to develop both personally, as well as professionally. It is a social, ecological and cultural project, that aims at presenting to the community and to the young volunteers that will participate in it, different ways on how they can use their creativity and imagination and be more open to new, innovative things. The project is mainly addressed to people with fewer opportunities (be they economical, geographical, educational or other), with a clear interest in cultural activities and the environment and a motivation to experience new things and open themselves up to new possibilities. The activities of this project will be structured in a way as to facilitate the learning outcomes and the skills development of the volunteers. The methods used will be based on non-formal learning and skills exchange (peer to peer, learning by doing, different workshops, experiential learning, etc). The participants will be able to suggest and implement their own activities, using elements from their own cultures and backgrounds, thus promoting the importance of cultural diversity in Europe and developing their organisational and project management skills. This project is expected to have a great impact on both the young volunteers as well as the young people from the local community they will be working with, as it will allow them to develop skills and competences that will lead to their personal and professional development, making them more self-assured, allow them to become more creative and innovative and able to take their own initiatives, thus giving them a competitive advantage in the labour market. Finally, we expect that the young volunteers, after the end of their service, will act as multipliers for the project and its values, as well as for the Erasmus+ programme, contributing to a wider and long-term impact of this project. The project will take place in Kalamata, Greece and its total duration is 17 months, including preparation and evaluation.



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