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Volunteers for community of Valmiera 2016/17
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Experience hosting volunteers from Europe for many years has been positive: volunteers can create better awareness about other cultures, break stereotypes, make everyday life more colorful and improve communication process with people from other countries. Project “Volunteers for Valmiera community 2016/17” emphasises active participation in different activities to create better future for youth, elderlies. In this way we want to create awareness for youth, elders and wider community that they can influence their future by themselves. European Voluntary Service can be a good example that each European has equal opportunities to use all support and opportunities which Europe offers, regardless of location where you live.Project aim is to promote awareness and understanding for youth of European citizenship and identity with voluntary work, seeing practical use of Europe support.Proposed activities for volunteers:• assist the instructors and other staff of hosting organization in the daily childcare;• support the staff of the organization in preparing activities;• participation in programs / community projects of the center;• organizing sport and outdoor activities;• organize his/her own small project depending on his/her skills and ideas (e.g. music, handicraft, theatre, games etc);• organizing and creating workshops;• organizing and promoting non-formal education methods;• creating video and photo promotion materials for Valmiera Region Community Foundation;• planning and coordinating non-formal education and leisure time activities for youth in Foundation's space "Ceplis" (Bakery);• promoting local and European volunteering.The methodology used throughout the project is in the framework of the non-formal education. It will be based on the needs and expectations of participants. The main methods used: team work, learning by doing, outdoor education, creative workshops, mentoring and coaching, practical leadership.Involving in this project will provide results for all parties concerned as well as make an impact on society in the longer term. Volunteers will improve their social and practical skills, contribute to local society. Participating organizations will popularize cooperation between different cultures, voluntary work in society, improve their partnership with other organizations, show activity on European level, promote learning through activities and will invest in future of youth.



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