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Volunteers change Jēkabils
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project "Volunteers change Jēkabpils" The main aim of the project is to promote the international environmental enter and development in non-governmental organizations of Jekabpils and region of Vidusdaugava through various levels in youth policy and active lifestyle prism at the same time promoting non-formal learning skills of young volunteers, personal growth and development. EVS project will be carry out in the association "Jekabpils NGOs Resource canter" which located in Jekabpils city in Latvia. The project will be carried out as a long-term project for the 1 year. The implementation of the EVS activity in Latvia will begin on 2015 October 2. Two young people will be involved in the project - one of Romania, the sending organisation "American International School of Transylvania" and other one from the Eastern Partnership in Armenia, the sending organisation "Kasa Swiss Humanitarian Foundation". Volunteer from Armenia will help to establish the "Vidusdaugavas youth discussion club" in the field of youth policy. Volunteer from Romania will encourage residents of Jekabpils to focus on the active lifestyle. Volunteer will search and display the potential unconventional forms of physical activity in urban environment. Results will be through social networks and local newspapers. As a result of the EVS will be established "Vidusdaugavas youth discussion club" and created advertising roller about it. An unconventional lifestyle activities identified in Jekabpils will be summarized in the calendar of 2017. It will be the result of voluntary of EVS and also will serve as information material about EVS .



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