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Date du début: 18 mai 2016, Date de fin: 17 avr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project called “Volunteering4Empowerment” is composed by 4 EVS in Italy by the hosting organisations Casa Santa Chiara, Centro Montanari, Anzola Municipality and YouNet NGO, with two volunteers coming from Spain and one coming from each of the following Countries: Portugal, Croatia, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, for a total amount of 8 volunteers sent by their respective SO. YouNet will play the role of CO and RO.Young people taking part to this project has been identified among the youngsters cooperating with the different SO, but still not selected. They will be youngsters between 20 and 26 years old that decided to take a gap year for different reasons due to personal happenings or choices. They choose to take this break in order to acquire more skills that can be useful for future job or study path, or maybe because they are facing issues in finding their own path and they want to make the most of the value of an international experience.The aims of this project are:-To support youth initiatives, in particular through cultural development in all its aspects, and active participation of everyone. It means giving the opportunity to youth to follow specialised workers, support them and work alongside getting new skills and knowledge, organising their own initiatives coming from planning and processing. This will prove how it is like to follow an efficient non-formal education process.-To take part to the social progress of solidarity and social inclusion of disadvantaged subjects, understanding their own limits and learning to overtake them, reaching multi-purpose abilities to increase listening skills and problem solving skills.-To involve decision makers and stakeholders in order to make them more conscious about young people’s real needs, especially the ones with fewer opportunities, observing and finding possible ways out from the challenging work-related situation of the youngsters.The project’s goals are in line with the programme Erasmus+ and with EVS programme values. In fact, the project will involve young people, NEETS or with fewer opportunities, and allows them to make an important mobility experience that will let them acquire significant skills and knowledge through a non-formal education learning method in order to find a future job or to carry on with the studies. The common strategy of the project in all its phases will be the non-formal and inclusive one, that will let everyone participate in an active way, with a peer to peer approach and learning from the others.It appears more and more crucial to develop learning and growth opportunities for young people, to foster the process of cultural, social and professional development of new generations of European citizens and the community in it whole.The Strategy 2020 considers quite ambitious objectives ( that are part of the goals of this partnership in the long term. One of the above mentioned objectives is the growth of employment to the 75%. Consequently, it becomes a common task and a shared goal also in the framework of this partnership to give young people concrete opportunities to acquire useful skills and knowledge to plunge into the world of work.The volunteers involved in the activity at Casa Santa Chiara will help disable guys implementing manual work that will allow them to take part to actual work activities, encouraging creativity and make them feel included in society and in the work world.At Anzola Municipality the volunteers will be able to understand closely how youth policies of a little reality work, and how these are implemented in order to avoid youth disadvantage especially among teenagers, the most vulnerable group in this context.Working for Montanari Center the volunteers will be in contact with an intergenerational and multicultural context. The will cooperate for the implementation of different activities in favor of elderly people and disadvantaged youth that already benefit of common projects of the quarter and other entities/organisations.Voluntary work with YouNet will allow them going deeper into European and intercultural issues thanks to the implementation of thematic activities with different target groups. The volunteers will get in contact also with different realities that cooperate with YouNet and this will allow them to have a complete framework of the network of relations built during the years by YouNet.The project in its whole will have a strong impact on volunteers, RO and SO, as well as on hosting community and context of origin.



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