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Volunteering with Libraries and Social Institutions for Society Education
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The principle aim of the project was to provide young people with opportunities to join the activities of various social care and public education institutions in Lithuania. Volunteers targeted the most painful issues in the society: social inequality and exclusion, homophobia, lack of tolerance and lack of adequate public information. With different volunteer tasks in each Organization volunteers directed their efforts towards united goals creating open, tolerant, and educated society. EVS in this project contributed to the development of the local community in a broader sense: receiving organizations broadened their working methodologies, volunteers were learning to live, learn, respect and help, local people could observe and participate in the life of “alternative” youth. These aims were pursued by creating a learning forum both for the EVS volunteers and the local community (youth) in general. Methods of non-formal education were applied. The project activities took place in organizations based in Kaunas, Utena, Varėna, Zarasai and Plungė which will jointly hosted 12 EVS volunteers. Volunteering lasted up to 11 months. Sending partners from Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, Finland, UK, Ukraine, Armenia and Russia took part in the project. As a result of the project the participated volunteers increased their personal and professional competences on many levels, especially relevant was learning in the social field and cultural explorations not to mention the specific professional skills attained. Utena public libraray joined EVS for the first time receiving two volunteers (from Spain and France) and experiencing the challenge of hosting EVS. Other hosting organizations were able to mainstream their work hosting EVS and and brush up on the already tested methods of work on the international/intercultural levels.



18 Participants partenaires