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Volunteering to build an intercultural citizenship (Voluntariado para construir una ciudadanía intercultural)
Date du début: 1 avr. 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project has been developed in the city of Seville (Andalucia, Sevilla), exactly in an urban areas and suburbs which have a high immigrant population. The volunteer have colaborated in the promotion of a multicultural through different activities (culturals, ludics, asociatives, educational, etc.) with both adults and children, foreigners and native people. Just like in the searching of the resources to the laboral and social insertion. The volunteer service has consisted of the direct action with the own beneficiary, with the volunteers inserted in a working team monitored by the people responsable on each program. The working team is composed by professional staff (intercultural mediators, monitors and social workers, etc) and some volunteers from Sevilla Acoge, besides other members from SVE and other students coursing theur internship from different educacional centers. In this project, SVE have participated 5 youngs with different nationalitied: two polish girls, a guy from Italy, one girl from France and the last one from Croatia. This project has been the continuation of other former projects in Sevilla Acoge. The aim of it is to encourage the cultural diversity and heterogeneity of the recent society. Pretenfing this will be a positive factor. The project has taken 11 months. The volunteers have participated in 3 types of actions according to the participants centers: - Benefit of the services of refugeeing, advising formation, accompaniment of immigrants and international and cooperative projects in the office, El Puente, the headquarters of the Fundation Sevilla Acoge. - Educational and mediator actions in el centro de Acción Comunitaria Macarena. - Supporting in the organization and the assitance to resident people in refugeeing centers to immigrants. The main results have veen seen in the personal/professional formation and enrichment of the volunteers that have taken part in the SVE. The social insertion in intercultural context and also in actions mostly accomplished by volunteers. It has supposed an important and permanent enrichment in the formation process of these youngs. On the other hand, their stay in Seville has estimulated to other andalucian guys to continue this personal project, taking into considerstion the possibility of participating in different projects of movility from an European and intercultural dimension.



5 Participants partenaires