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Volunteering: overcomes the challenge
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Synergia is responsible, since the beginning of 2014, for a new project, TOCA (Trabalho de uma Oficina Cultural e Associativa), a cultural and artistic space in the city of Braga, which runs through the work of several youth associations network cultural, artistic and sport. The Office of Associations ( co -working space where associations based work and where they are allowed to support each other and share experiences and knowledge ) serves sustainability to the project , since none of them pays to use the space but are encouraged to dynamic events in TOCA within their normal plan activities that , in turn , will support the payment of the costs involved in running the space. Since another project , Synergia Academy , which , in the same concept , created a space for co -working between clubs and sports emerged . The Academy 's main objectives are to support and boost the sports clubs in their efforts mainly those who lack opportunities and promote the training of their technical staff, volunteering and exchanges with other associations. Thus arises this application in an attempt to get even more support associations and sports clubs but also providing opportunities for volunteers to learn this new way of working and, later, can replicate in their countries of origin. Thus, the volunteers will work mainly in four areas: communications / marketing, cultural programming , entrepreneurship, and sport . This project will be held in Braga, Portugal, from 1 September 2015 to 31 May 2016 and will include the participation of 6 volunteers from Austria, Italy, Cyprus, Hungary, Romania and Spain, ages between 20 and 30 years. In order to achieve a good momentum in this project we want the volunteers involved in this project present a profile with the following characteristics: responsible, motivated, versatile, strong-willed, organized, entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and sociable. It is also important that the volunteer would like to perform activities in the areas of this project: Cultural Programming, Multimedia, Entrepreneurship/Project Management and Sports. Our project is partly designed to fully match the profile and interests of young volunteers, ensuring their personal and social development and ensuring the active contribution of these in local community development. In its work, the volunteer will have the opportunity to develop more expertise in the fields of multimedia , entrepreneurship , sports and cultural programming. We also intend to support the volunteer in developing creative and dynamic skills related to best practices and attitudes, such as active listening, reflective reasoning, assertiveness, entrepreneurship, among others. All activities will be planned taking into account the acquisition of key competences for more young volunteers. The spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship will be encouraged at all times to ensure the free expression as well as the development and acquisition of skills . The impact of this activity will have on the local communities of the participating countries will be maintained by volunteers , since they, after obtaining personal development and acquire new knowledge during the project, will be able to act as multipliers and to disseminate information acquired from other people in your community or other interest groups. The expected impact on the local community will be to motivate young people to access existing support resources in achieving its projects, encouraging them to want to discover new countries and new cultures or to go in search of new contacts in Europe, one the options to participate in European Voluntary Service, becoming the purveyors of + Erasmus World program. At the same time , the volunteers will be encouraged to start new projects in European and national NGOs , thus putting into practice all the knowledge and ideas gathered during the project. Thus, they will forward all your knowledge and experiences to other members of her NGO and the community at local / national / European level. The youth is essential for the state of Europe, as well as its future , as young people are leading the way tomorrow. Train and provide them opportunities to learn new skills and gain knowledge will have very positive effects in Europe.



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