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Volunteering in "Step by Step"
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

European Voluntary Service - the annual volunteering of men or women from Italy, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia in Zamosc (south-eastern Poland, province lubelskie). Planned stay of a volunteer or volunteers is 363 days. Volunteers will support the activities of the Association, they will also gain knowledge about Poland and Zamosc, but also practical skills that after the completion of volunteering will increase their chances on the European labor market. We have started partnerships with organizations from Italy, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, whose role is recruitment of volunteers to help prepare their stay in Zamosc. The aim of the action - European Voluntary Service is to create opportunities for volunteers and non-governmental organizations and cooperating institutions. Volunteers will have the opportunity to work with specialists in the field of rehabilitation and education of people with disabilities, but also with experts in the field of social animation, communication PR, design and implementation of social projects, etc. The aim of the action is the participation of volunteers from different EU countries, namely participation in the volunteering women or men from Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Spain and Germany, which will give them an opportunity to learn not only Polish culture but also to learn the cultures of other countries. For our organization it is an opportunity to search for new ideas and innovations in daily operations of the organization, which will be inspired by the volunteers. We also want to work more closely with organizations from the EU, and conduct activities for people with disabilities, not only in terms of volunteering but also in the form of knowledge transfer in the field of disability. The project responds to the objectives of the Erasmus program and the "mobility of young people and youth workers." By participating in the project, 5 volunteers will reach the following objectives: - Gain/increase of both social competence and useful skills for being a disability care assistant / Occupational Therapist - Increasing mobility and resourcefulness of life through the opportunity to live abroad, - The opportunity to learn foreign languages in their communication and learning about the cultural aspects of language, - Increasing employability in the future, - Personal development, including the development of social activity, development of skills in planning and implementing social projects - Increasing attitude of empathy and solidarity. The impact on the applicant organization: - The acquisition / improvement of competences by the project coordinators, mentors and other members of the organization, - Motivating impact on human resources in the organization, - Opening to new ideas, solutions, making improvements, changes, - Development of actions at EU level and internationally, - Cooperation with foreign partners, - Improving the qualifications of the members of the organization, Impact on partner organizations: - Development of a network of partners, - Exchange of experiences, good practices, - The launch of new initiatives, international projects, The impact on local and regional level: - Contact with young people from abroad, the opportunity to make new friends, - Inspiring influence on young people showing the possibility of leaving their country. - Additional suport paths in group and individual for people with disabilities, by adding to the offer such suport: language classes, workshops with the history and culture of the countries of origin of the volunteers. - The possibility of establishing partnerships between local government and sending organizations - Strengthen the capacity of organizations on the international aspect of the business Impact on the national level: - The inclusion of best practices from abroad during the process of modifying the national system of support for disabled people - Promoting a positive image of Poland as a hospitable and attractive country. Impact on the international level: - Expansion of cooperation with foreign partners, - Establishing new networks of international partners,


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