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Volunteering in Environmental Education and Conservation
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Kapraluv Mlyn Scout Environmental Education Centre is a modern eco-centre situated in the unique environment of the Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area. The natural world of caves and varied habitat enables exciting first-hand experience of nature for children and youth. The Centre itself serves as a model of eco-friendly operation and provides educational programmes for schools and NGOs. In its first two and a half years of operation, Kapraluv Mlyn has been successful in becoming a cross point of international events and work camps that offers a unique experience for young volunteers. We consider EVS as a part of our mission. We have worked with volunteers from the very beginnings of the centre and is volunteers who have made the Centre possible. We have a group of Czech volunteers who work on an occasional basis, however hosting long term staff enables continuity and depth of programme. A stable longterm volunteers' activites are one of key pillars which the centre's development is being built on. Volunteers' ideas, previous exprience, enthusiasm and versatile help are essential for Kapraluv Mlyn as well as the longterm service brings a lot of inspiration, know-how and new skills to volunteers. We want Kapraluv mlyn to become a bridge transfering European know-how east and southwards. That is why we have decided to cooperate with Central and Eastern Europe countries: Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania. We are looking for four volunteers, one from each participating country. On the grounds of the mission of Kapraluv mlyn Scout Environmental Education Centre we prefer volunteers who are interested in nature conservation, environmental education, sustainable technologies and leisure time activities for kids and youth. We have developed a new strategy for organising the education of our volunteers. The new strategy has been applied from September 2014 and is going to be refined by the end of the current project. The EVS at Kapraluv mlyn of each volunteer consists of these four parts: 1. Environmental management education - the main pillar of the volunteers' personal development in this field, enabling them to learn new skills, knowledge and approaches. It consists of: - meeting successful environmental projects and their proponents (local politicians, officers, NGO activists); - meeting with other Moravian karst NGOs; - excursions to explore local natural and cultural heritage; 2. Taking part in conservation projects - volunteers will learn different techniques of natural conservation, they will help Moravian karst volunteer rangers in their work; - volunteers will assist other youth volunteer groups (mostly from abroad) in their consrvation projects; 3. Help with operation and development of Kapraluv Mlyn - assistance at environmental education programmes, help with their preparation and creation, - help in kitchen, cleaning tasks, maintenance of Kapraluv mlyn grounds, looking after the garden, service in associated little info and shop point; - help in development projects (house for volunteers, campgrounds); 4. Personal project - during the second month volunteers shall plan their personal project that should focus on application of the experience acquired at Kapraluv Mlyn either into their future career or into development of Kapraluv mlyn (programmes, grounds improvement, research,...). This scheme of balanced manual and intellectual activities leads to personal development of volunteer’s character, enrich her/him and encourages his active approach to the environment and civic society. That is reason why we would like to host 6 volunteers (4 at the same time) motivated to work in environmental education or nature conservation area - to spread good practice in environmental field into other European countries. The project is designed in a way to have positive impact on local communities in Czech Republic and partners countries both. We claim local communities enhance threw competetive qualified and skilled leading personalities. That is why volunteers are the main target group of the project. All activities and time schedule of the project are composed to benefit volunteers wherever possible. The project will be benefical for the volunteers, the sending organisations and partners countries as well as for the local communities in Czech republic like Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area, NGOs in the area, Kapraluv mlyn guests, students of Brno, czech and foreighn scouts. Kapraluv Mlyn employs and cooperates with the leading experts on environmental education in the Czech Republic. We want this experience in preparation and leadership of non-formal education pass on. We want Kapraluv mlyn to become a bridge transfering European know-how east and southwards. Moreover, we expect the benefits of the project multiply threw the mutual cooperation and two-way volunteers' exchange.



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