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Volunteering for Peace and Development
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The purpose of the project "Volunteering for Peace and Development" is to develop and promote knowledge of post-conflict reconstruction and peace building. The volunteer will spend 10 months in Georgia with the NGO “Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi”. During the project implementation the volunteer will assist staff of Kartlosi, for example through teaching English, organisational and administrative work, building networks and partnerships and planning and implementing projects. This will provide the volunteer with the chance to develop skills and key competencies. Daily voluntary activities will provide extensive opportunities for informal and non-formal learning. The volunteer's objectives, in partnership with Kartlosi, are to: - Conduct research into conflict resolution, post-conflict reconstruction and peace building in Georgia and the town of Gori in particular, in the context of the conflict in South Ossetia;- Produce analytical reports on these topics that will provide knowledge of the benefit to the local community, civil society and other parties such as academics and researchers, in Georgia and internationally;- Disseminate the findings of the research in such a way that will help Kartlosi develop its local, regional and international networks and partnerships and facilitate their work in peace building and social development in the local community, and to promote and enhance the understanding of peace building and conflict resolution. Reports and articles will be published as a blog on the Kartlosi website.Additionally, the volunteer will be involved in the following activities, as part of helping with and learning about the work of a peace building Non-Governmental Organisation:- Running English language classes for local youth, with the aim of supporting young people to develop their skills, such as the practical use of English, writing and speaking skills. This will also include running a movie and discussion club. - Organisational and administrative work including: networking with Georgian and international partners, and building relationships with journalists, NGOs and civil society groups; - Helping with the implementation of current projects and planning and implementing new projects; - Fundraising activities such as international applications and marketing activities;- Development of Kartlosi’s online presence, including an online news portal, training for web content management and online journalism (such as writing feature stories and articles for a blog).

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