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Volunteering for Generations NesilFEST 2016
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

As System and Generation Association, we want to host groups of 28 volunteers on 2 months short term EVS, within the Volunteering for Generation- NesilFEST2016 in Ankara. Project starting from September 2016. There will be 7 volunteers in each group which is formed as 1 volunteer from each country Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Slovakia, Georgia and Macedonia. We have planned a learning-oriented course for our volunteers in preparation-execution-dissemination of NesilFEST. We would like continue th effect of our previous project Volunteering for Generation NesilFEST 2015.In an age that inter-generational interaction is declining, we want to carry out the NesilFEST, which is the product of a successfully completed project called Active Lifestyle-Oriented Inter-generational Interaction Model Project, four times a year. During the project, which is an an example of social entrepreneurship, mainly non-formal education methods will be used and “meeting of generations” themed activities and workshops will be held. Within the framework of NesilFEST preparations, there are six modules to be applied;1)Consideration and Dialogue oriented Volunteering for Generation: 5 o'clock teas will be organized, journeys will be planned, young and elder individuals will improve their communication by musical and trekking activities.2)Technology and Information Retrieval Oriented Volunteering for Generation: Young volunteers will explain to the elders how the internet, computers and cell phones work. Being able to use communication technologies in times of need/crisis will increase the quality of life of the elder population.3)Experience Sharing oriented Volunteering for Generation: In this module, memories, knowledge, experiences and photos of artists and craftsmen are shared.4)Manufacturing oriented Volunteering for Generation: Cooking, knitting and ceramics workshops in NesilKAFE, which will be an example of social entrepreneurship.5)Fitness-oriented Volunteering for Generation: Exercises accompanied by physical therapists will be done to decrease the risk of disease and contribute to the healthy development of future generations.6)Social Responsibility Oriented Volunteering for Generation: All preparations for NesilFEST will be coordinated by young and adult individuals. Products of the workshops and modules will be shared with the public.As conclusion, our goal is to support adult productivity, youth individuality and youth bio-psycho-social development with learning-focused workshops and activities.



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