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Volunteering at Sankt Petri Kirke, Bernards Hus, Cafe Utopia, Gammel Elmegaard, Brenderup Højskole, Ranum Efterskole, Snoghøj Højskole, Music Confucius Institute, Børnehuset Borris and Øhavets Smakkecenter
Date du début: 4 mai 2015, Date de fin: 3 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Objectives of our project: This project involves thirteen young people who will spend a period of between three and twelve months as EVS volunteers during which time they will live and work in Denmark and thus get an insight into Danish language and culture. The EVS volunteers will work at ten different host projects with different themes, aims and objectives. This application includes the following activities: - Two volunteers from Spain will live and work at Brenderup Højskole for eleven months - One German volunteer will work at Børnehuset Borris and live in a local host family for nine months - One Polish volunteer will work at Music Confucius Institute and live in a local host family for eleven months - One German volunteer will work at Sankt Petri Church and live in a local host family for ten months - One Belgian volunteer will work at Bernards Hus and live in a local host family for one year - One German volunteer will work at Cafe Utopia and live in a local host family for ten months - One Hungarian volunteer will work and live at Gammel Elmegaard for three months - Two volunteers from France and Germany will work at Øhavets Smakkecenter and live in a local host family for one year - Two volunteers from France and Spain will work and live at Ranum Efterskole for eleven months - One volunteer from Italy will work and live at Snoghøj Højskole for one year Seven different nationalities are represented in the project. Most of these volunteers will be hosted in host families and thus integrated more easily into the local culture and population, learn the local language and adjust as good as he/she can to habits and traditions. The volunteers working at boarding schools and folk high schools will be living at the school and thus be part of the vibrant social life of the school but at the same time have a contact family with whom they can spend weekends and holidays. All volunteers will be part of the local AFS chapter and meet other volunteers and exchange students at the seminars and meetings arranged by AFS, sharing their experiences, points of view, information on both their host country Denmark as well as their countries of origin. In this project AFS Interkultur will be the coordinating organisation. The Danish host organisations are all organisations who have been selected by AFS Interkultur and all of whom have previously received EVS volunteers. The volunteers have been recruited partly through our existing sending partners, partly through the Youth network portal. The sending organisations are primarily organisations with whom we have a long-term and succesful cooperation. By putting the entire AFS volunteer network in Denmark at the disposal of the parties of this project we aim to make the project a rewarding learning experience for all. In terms of results and impact envisaged, it is our aim that through the volunteer work and the development of their intercultural competencies the participants will improve their employability and develop their social capital enabling them to become active participants in society and in the development of the European community. The desired long term benefits are that both the volunteers, the hosting projects, the host families and the local community will get an better understanding of the diversity within the EU but also of the similarities between the EU countries. In this way we aim to bring the European Union and the entire idea and thought behind the European Union to the various local communities. These are places where the EU in general have been very diffuse and far from their everyday life. However, through this project the European Union and the ideas behind the EU becomes tangible for their everyday lives.



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