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Volunteering at Brenderup Højskole, Middelaldercentret, Børnehuset Borris and Music Confucius Institute.
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The overall aim and objective of this project was to give five young people from different socio-economic spheres the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of other European countries and their intercultural awareness. In that way we aim to contribute to a solid foundation for peace- not only in Europe, but worldwide. This project included five young people who spend a period of between 5 and 12 months as EVS volunteers in Denmark. While living and working in Denmark they got an insight into Danish language and culture. The participants worked at four different host projects with different themes, aims and objectives. This project included the following activities: Two volunteers (one from Italy and one from Germany) worked at Middelaldercentret for six and five months respectively, and lived in a local host family. One volunteer from Italy worked and lived at Brenderup Højskole for one year. One volunteer from France worked at Børnehuset Borris for five months and lived in a host family. One volunteer from Germany worked at Music Confucius Institute for six months and lived with a host family. Three different nationalities were represented in the project. Most of the volunteers lived in host families, which helped them integrate more easily into the local culture, practice the Danish language and adjust as good as he/she can to habits and traditions. The volunteer who worked and lived at Brenderup Højskole benefitted from being a part of the vibrant social life of the school. All volunteers was in contact with the local AFS chapter and met other volunteers and exchange students at the seminars and meetings arranged by AFS, sharing their experiences, points of views and informations on both their host country Denmark as well as their countries of origin. All mobilities within this project was completed and we believe that we have managed to reach our aim. Through the voluntary work and the development of their intercultural competencies we believe the participants improved their employability and developed their social capital enabling them to become active participants in society and in the development of the European community. While staying in the local communities the volunteers learned more about how diverse the EU and also the local communities are. They got more hands-on knowledge about the EU.



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