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Volunteering 2011: Global strategies for global challenges - The youth volunteering movement answering the challenges of sustainability, social inclusion and MDGs
Date du début: 1 nov. 2010,

The project Volunteering 2011: Global Strategies for Global Challenges is the opening of a process in which youth organisations from all over the world, together with young people and institutions of the field will debate, create and decide on the main priorities and strategies of the Volunteering Movement both for 2011 and for a long term strategy, which will be defined at the end of the project on the White Book of Volunteering 2011-2021. This project comes in a very significant moment, as the European Year of Volunteering and the IYV+10 are celebrated in 2011 and will have an institutional opening in the first activity of this project, symbolically linked to the International Day of Volunteers on December 5,h. The project will provide the opportunity for networks, organisations and youngsters to participate in different activities that will ensure their learning processes, exchange of experiences, cooperative decision taking, and visibility of their work. The project will start with the International Congress of Voluntary Service in Barcelona, which will gather together all partners in the project, will continue with Interregional Thematic Working Group Seminars, followed by volunteering actions inali regions participating, and will finish with the Seminar Volunteering 2011-2021: Global Strategies for Global Challenges.The definitions of these strategies will be based on the global challenges that volunteering and the youth movement face through its actions: the work for active citizenship, social inclusion, sustainability, eradication of poverty and the Millennium Development Goals in general. By opening the space of participation to all relevant actors of the sector (international and regional networks, youth volunteering organisations, young people -including those with less opportunities-, and relevant institutions) it is expected that this project will help to build a more coordinated, coherent, effective and visible volunteering movement for the next short, medium and long term, that enables its participants to improve their results on addressing the global challenges of our times.



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