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„Volunteer validation – an investment in own profession future”
Date du début: 10 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 9 oct. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Young people in Bulgaria and in the countries in which there are long-term volunteering traditions do not realize the competencies and skills they have acquired through volunteering. Meanwhile, volunteers are not able to promote themselves in front of the potential employers and what they have learned during their activities as active citizens or in other forms of non-formal learning. Often they conceal this particular experience or they do not have presentation skills. In the mean time there is no unified system or tool that is recognized by majority of the organizations to validate the skills and knowledge learned from volunteering. Employers themselves do not know the essence of volunteering and its benefits for the development of young people.The coal of the project is: Successful realization of young people in the labor market and dealing with youth unemployment by promoting skills and competences obtained through informal learning.Objectives1. Increasing awareness among young people of the benefits for their personal development by providing voluntary service and enhance their skills to promote to employers and other stakeholders their strengths and knowledge learned during informal learning.2. Raising awareness of employers in volunteering as a tool for development of soft skills and key competencies and the benefits of informal learning3. Introduction of systems for validation of competences acquired through volunteering - electronic platform, recommendations, volunteers books.4. Developing entrepreneurial attitudes and skills in young peopleThis current project provides the next step of the project "Volunteering - a factor for realization", funded by the Erasmus+ between 2014–2016. The project was implemented by the NAVA Foundation and partners who conducted an extensive study on the professional development of young people involved in volunteering and who used the accumulated skills and competences through informal channels and career development.



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