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Date du début: 1 août 2012,

"Volunteer-pedia" will gather 25 participants from 9 countries in November 2012 in Ukraine to discuss, debate, share and learn everything you want to know about volunteering and (international) youth work, and everything you can do about volunteer work. The project is addressing the theme of active citizenship as one of the main European values, and volunteering as practical tool to achieve it. Internet activism will be among the issues addressed, and the project will be presented online in real time. The pedia in the title refers to encyclopedia, so the project makes an attempt to address volunteering from encyclopedia perspective, however avoiding academic approach – and taking grass root one, and opinion of volunteers themselves.The program will consist of parallel blocks or workshops, partly big open space. Participants will be welcome to propose topics and run some workshops themselves. The methods used during the training will contribute to informal and non-formal learning, social and personal development of the participants and will enrich their intercultural competencies. The outcomes will include increased skills and competencies of participants, improved international communication and cooperation, pedia materials on volunteering, and ideas for new international projects and activities in the framework of Youth in Action programme.


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