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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Stopinu area day centres - "Līči", "Upeslejas", "Ulbroka" un "Saurieši", were credited as coordinating and receiving organizations for EVS, with the aim to attract youth from other countries, to provide them with the opportunity to acquire work experience with children and youth, and also to gain experience form other country youth , with activities that they have in the field of youth. By taking into consideration the fact that our villages, where Day centres are located, are small and everybody knows each other, hosting a volunteer will create new oppurtunity to our youth and the society itself, to learn other cultures, EVS. The aim of the project is by using volunteering work via project, to give Stopinu area youth opportunity to learn other cultures, and also popularize EVS. Currentrly day centres can host one volunteer per day centre, whose skills and knowledge is connected with the work with youth, so that volunteers together with youth (also children) could implement different activities, and so that his work would give satisfaction. Volunteers will be attracted to youth everyday/free time activity expansion and differentiation, with the help of non-formal education, different activities that are interesting for both, volunteers and youth. Volunteers will assist to implement the activities, that are running in the day centres according to the plan and will acquire new skills in creative activities, by assisting in planing them and by participating in them. Volunteers will learn Latvian culture and traditions, will gain knowledge about national festivals and their meanings, e.g. Dance and song festival, Day of Barricades etc. . Our villages will gain large and positive influence from volunteers arrival, because it will allow the people of Stopinu areto learn new culture, adopt and respect other country citizens and to widen the view on different questions, that concerns other country citizens and the country of origin itself. Exchange of experience will also pay large influence for our villages. By hosting volunteers, villages youth will acquire new friends from other countries, that they will be able to communicate with also after the EVS and to create further cooperations on different topics, incl. EVS. Volunteers arrival to our villages will promote our youth to participate in EVS and to go to other countries to do EVS.



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