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Voluntary Work-Out
Date du début: 1 août 2011,

The European Year of Volunteering-2011 is an opportunity to raise awareness of volunteering as a tool for personal development, and a form of active citizenship that contributes to more inclusive, sustainable and peaceful societies. The evaluation meeting ' Voluntary work-out: Strenghtening European Voluntary Practice' aims at strengthening international voluntary projects by evaluating their impact on young people and societies. International voluntary projects that took place throughout 2011 will be evaluated and based upon the evaluation results, recommendations for improvement & concrete ideas for new projects will be developed. The evaluation meeting will focus on three main aspects of voluntary projects: 1. Sustainability: How and to what extent do voluntary projects raise young people's awareness of environmental challenges & stimulate the development of sustainable lifestyles?2. Inclusive growth: How and to what extent do voluntary projects encourage young people's comittment to become active for more inclusive societies & stimulate the social inclusion of young migrants in particular?3. Youth Unemployment: How and to what extent do voluntary projects contribute to young people's mobility and their active participation in society? By publishing a report that contains the evaluation results & conclusions and by implementing new voluntary projects, SCI will raise awareness on the value of volunteering among youth in Europe. The ' Voluntary work-out' will take place from the 18-23 October (5 days) in Athens,Greece. It will be attended by 37 participants, from 11 EU- and 9 non-EU countries, where many voluntary projects are organised. Methods include: Group aerobics (plenary presentations & discussions; open space ); Total body work-out with coach (interactive workshops; reflection groups); Personal fitness programmes (bilateral meetings; networking opportunities) and many energizers. The applicant has a sending & coordinating role.



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