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Voluntary Service in Local Community
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Type and title of the project: European Voluntary Service in Stowarzyszenie Zamojskie Centrum Wolontariatu "Voluntary Service in Local Community" Location: Zamość, Poland Dates of the projects: 05.07.2015 - 12.07.2015 Project duration: 7 months Partner countries: Poland, Bulgaria, Spain Methodology: teamwork or independent, discussions, presentations and workshops. Objectives of the project: extending the offer ZCW of EVS, sharing experiences with foreigners, intensified promotion of local and international volunteering among residents of Zamosc, enabling volunteers from abroad to learn Polish language and Polish culture, for example, skills upgrading. Communication in foreign languages ZCW members, obtaining support for projects implemented by ZCW, such as: promotion, organization Volunteer Day Gala or participation in activities for youth or seniors. The number and profile of participants: two participants at the same time, the participant should have a communicative level of English, the knowledge of the Polish language is not required, but volunteers should be willing to learn the Polish language, should have a desire to learn about other cultures including Polish culture, should be ready to work with children, young people and senior citizens, should be positive and open to new experiences. The tasks proposed to the participants: participation in the promotion of volunteerism, creating ideas, planning and organizing events, assisting in the coordination of local volunteering and European cooperation in organizing various activities and projects, help promote Zamojskie Centrum Wolontariatu and the European Voluntary Service in the local community, cooperation with School and Youth Clubs Volunteers, co "Language Emergence", "Tandem Languages", "Language Caffe", "Culture Evening", assistance with updating the website funpage on facebook and blogging about their experiences and reflections, assistance in conducting classes for seniors and artistic and cultural activities for children and youth. Expected results: The participants will be able to achieve or improve competence, such as knowledge of the specifics of the activities of non-governmental organizations, gaining practical knowledge and cooperation in projects co-financed by the European Union, creating the image of the organization, promotion EVS co-organizing events, establishing contacts with children, youth and seniors and teaching them. The potential long-term benefits for the participants: the acquisition / extension of competence, opportunity to live abroad and learn forein languages, access to other forms of education, increasing employment opportunities in the future, personal development, the development of active citizens and to increasing the sense of solidarity of European Union's citizens. Potential long –term benefits for organizations: improving the competence of the project coordinators, mentors and other members of the organization, opening to new ideas, developing action in international level, international cooperation with foreign partners, upskilling members of the organization and can have "refreshing" influence.



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