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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

It consists in a European Voluntary Service project with 9 volunteers from Germany , Poland , Estonia , Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia. These volunteers will provide support services in the design , implementation and evaluation of various projects in the field of youth, education, environment , international cooperation and European citizenship , while maintaining a cross youthful character . In this way the volunteers share linguistic exchanges with other young people in their own language , disseminate information at European level through a radio program , a newsletter and information sessions for municipal and European resources in youth centers as fundamentally in Secondary Schools. In a particular level, the volunteers working in education will be with children aged 1-5 years helping in the process of growth and psychomotor and emotional development. Volunteers who work in international cooperation will make activities undertaken to sensitize the population and awareness of the realities of developing countries. The volunteers with environment activities, will be involve in replanting with disabled people doing emphasize palm Elche. The participants are young people aged between 18 to 30 years, initially motivated by an experience like this that allows the group work and the contribution of their current capabilities to help and share with other young people. The objective of this project is to increase the participation and European citizenship, tolerance, and civic solidarity in the process of emancipation, both in the field of youth policy and European Consciousness, developing youth activities while promoting active citizenship and the importance of a more united Europe, from the mentioned interaction. The project is part of a local government, public service, who helps care for the needs of their citizens , creating interaction and collaboration between various municipal departments (environment, education, youth and international cooperation). The target audience is primarily young people and children. Young volunteers who have the opportunity to interact with other young people and together give answers to the needs and concerns of this group. The project has a duration of 9 months, coinciding with the academic calendar of the schools in our city. We consider the impact of the project will allow the youth group in general and young people who have contact with the volunteers in particular , and help the incorporation of young people into the labor market and provide more options for personal development is enriched and training give yourself a European perspective, and also that the services and programs that involved volunteers from the rich look intercultural approach and the essential in the process of emancipation and learning of young European dimension. Finally note the use of a participatory methodology for integration of the volunteer in the organization in general and the teams of each particular program or service , promoting their active participation and proposed initiatives. Volunteering contributes to social welfare and development of the youth community in the process of emancipation in general, and enable demand and access for young people of our city to the European mobility through various actions Erasmus + , helping integration social and professional minors .



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