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Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In European Voluntary Service project participated 8 volunteers from: Germany, Poland, Estonia, Austria, Norway and Romania. They supported different services in areas such as: design, implementation and evaluation of several projects in the field of youth and sports, education, environment, cooperation and European citizenship. Volunteers also collaborated in language exchanges organized by Ayuntamiento for young people. Offered languages were English, German and French (?). Volunteers were disseminating European information through the radio, the monthly newsletter as well as presentations in youth center and in high-schools. For volunteers having contact with participants of presentation (aged 18-30), from the point of view of the team work skills, was very important. They could develop their abilities and share volunteer´s experience with the others. The objective of this project was to enhance the participation, European citizenship, tolerance, solidarity and citizenship in the process of emancipation of young people. Different activities for youth in the field of Youth Policy and European awareness have been developed. Moreover, through mentioned interactions, the active citizenship and importance of United Europe has been promoted. Thanks to the inclusion activities, volunteers were well integrated into the local community. Beside, some of them would like to stay in Elche after the end of their project. The project is related to the public service of the local government, creating an interaction and collaboration between various municipal departments (environment, education, youth and sports cooperation). The target group of the project was youth and children. Volunteers had the opportunity to interact with peers and act together against youth problems. The project has duration of nine months to coincide with the calendar of schools in our city. The impact of the project has enabled the enrichment of the youth group, and generally young people who had contact with European volunteers. The proof is the increase of number of young people from our city participating in different European programs. Furthermore, intercultural and European approach of EVS program has influenced Finally the participatory method should be highlighted. Volunteers were encouraged to the active participation in the organization and to interaction with coworkers. It was crucial for the good functioning of the project and the volunteer´s integration. To conclude, the volunteerism has contributed to social welfare and development of the youth community in the process of emancipation, as well as has allowed promoting the European mobility through various actions of the Erasmus + program.



8 Participants partenaires