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Voluntariado y Especificidad V
Date du début: 10 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 9 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Volunteering and Specificity V" comes from the idea of the capacity of the voluntary work to support a positive view of the disabled person, or rather with specificity, thinking that this as the value of the individual and their personal qualities and making distinguishing to seek the ability to develop and enrich the community context in which it operates; in such a way that encourages their participation and integration in standard context. This kind of idea, give us the opportunity to start a procces based in the personal motivations of each person with specificity, and in this way our work always will be guided by and for him. And supporting him in this situations deemed appropiate for achieveing that objetive. In this activity we will receive an hungarian young, who will have a very important role in the develop of the task included in this iniciative. All the activity will take place in Toledo city and in the office of the hosting organization where the volunteer will develop her supporting activities to our users.The main task will be: accopaniment to group sport activities, accompaniment to individual sport activities, educational suport to get study customs and promotion of leisure activities in standard context. Violetta, the volunteer is a motivated young to make a EVS experience with disabled people and this learning time will be very positive to improve her employability in the future. For the organization, to have a Violetta with means to show to our users the altruistic character of each volunteering action, what is very important for one organization like CECAP and for their professional team. The main impact of the presence of Violetta with us take a place in the personal litle life of our users, but it is very important too for their families and for the local social enviroment of Toledo city.



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