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Volontaire nomade
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Since the beginning in 1994, « Les Nouveaux Disparus Company » works to give access to culture, to theatre particularly, for people who doesn’t have access to the cultural offer. The cultural accessibility and the promotion of the cultural diversity are the main goals of our company and are developed through several projects: creating theatre plays, organisations of festivals and a sociocultural project named “La Maison des cultures Nomade(s)”. The aim goal of our project is the sociocultural activities in the working class area. This, has begun thanks to the meeting between the artistic work of Les Nouveaux Disparus and the non profit organisation working in this kind of area. Being immersed in this context would be very educative for the volunteer. The EVS project result from the interest of associate an European volunteer to this intercultural work. The participant will work with the projects managers in the whole aspect of tasks: contact with the artistic team, following the partnership in the field, contact with the public met in the different places where the theatre company is working, organisation, communication… We think that our goals complement those of the EVS project. The intercultural aspect is crucial in our approach. Our team is very dynamic and educative. We are all used to welcome trainers and volunteers with clear missions and time bound. Our company also integrate a culture of evaluation by organising team meeting where everybody can express himself freely. Thanks to this project, we hope that the volunteer will have a better consciousness about other communities and cultures, about the importance of the sociocultural activities and their impacts in our daily lives. We also hope that this voluntary service will bring confidence to the volunteers and help them to feel like doing something links directly or indirectly with this experience. Sharing cultures and knowledge is one of our goals. The several meetings, workshops and festivals organised by our company will be a real opportunity to share with our public and learn for the volunteer. Thanks to our partnership with different non profit organisations, the volunteer will be directly involved with the population of the areas where we will be established. This underlines and promotes the importance of the cultural diversity and the youth mobility.



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