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VoLanT: Vocational Language Training for Students of Car - repair related professions

"VoLanT” project offers one possible solution to the complex problem of the lack of innovative approaches and inaccessibility of teaching materials for the vocationally – orientated language learning in Slovak VET system, in specific field of Car repair, Service and Retail related professions. One of the project partners, SOU strojárske J.Jonáša from Bratislava, Slovak republic, is tackling this problem on daily basis; one example being the concrete experience of students participating in practical work stays in school partnership institutions abroad, where they are unable to communicate in foreign language, lacking basic vocational terminology related to workplace and work processes and also general communication skills. From this reason, 4 national Slovak institutions and 3 partners from abroad decided to create a partnership network and provide solutions to address this problem. Therefore, project aims at supporting innovative approaches in vocationally-orientated language learning, in specific field of Car repair, Service and Retail, through the transfer of existing innovative teaching methodologies used in the Czech republic – complex online learning management system (LMS) and blended learning methodology using 2D and 3D automotive animations in the UK. Both of these innovations will be combined, and along with the development of specific vocational language content in the area of Car repair related professions, we believe to increase the quality and accessibility of teaching and learning vocational materials, in English, German and French, for teachers and students of vocational schools and secondary technical schools in Slovakia. Romanian partner included in the project, Technical College, will support dissemination of project related information and possible innovation transfer to Romania, beyond the project end. In Slovak republic, apart from SOU strojárske J. Jonáša, Štátny inšitút odborného vzdelávania (ŠIOV), will contribute mainly to dissemination of project results among other vocational schools in Slovak republic; ASPEKT foundation from Nitra, having experience from successful language courses, will provide language support and translation works and Centre for Modern Education (SK) as a distributor of innovative elearning methods for schools will guarantee the project sustainability. In the project, we foresee tangible outcomes in the form of online learning management system, using animations, providing interactive language exercises and motivation tool/game to students, teacher´s textbook, students exercise book and multilingual technical dictionary, all supported by mentioned LMS. At the same time, we expect intangible project outcomes such as increased knowledge about VET system, management, communication and language skills of staff from partnership institutions directly involved in project implementation and the increase of general institutional know-how. From the longer - term perspective, we envisage about 3000 students of Car repair related professions with increased language and ICT competences, using produced materials, by the year 2013, as a direct impact of the project.



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