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Vocational training in Health Care in Malta
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

During 2012-2014, the Health Care Programme at Katrinelundsgymnasiet, has successfully sent 40 students and 16 teachers to Malta for internships in homes for elderly, run by the company Care Malta. This has been financed by grants from Leonardo da Vinci Mobility. We wish to continue cooperating with Care Malta, and to develop and further improve the invaluable experiences this gives our participants. Katrinelundsgymnasiet is an Upper Secondary School with a number of departments, one of them specializing in Health Care Training. Our aim is to let ten of our students travel to Malta accompanied by four teachers, and to have four weeks of internship at homes for elderly owned by the Maltese company Care Malta. We will select students of both sexes, with good knowledge of English and health care, as well as good results in previous internships in Gothenburg. They also need to be polite and socially well functioning. The teachers will have different tasks, such as supporting students and tutors but also in-job training with increasing cultural competence and inter cultural understanding in health care when visiting the homes for elderly people and organizing study visits and other events for the students. The objectives are to give our students the opportunity to see and take part in elderly care in Malta. This will increase their creativity and ability to be more innovative, since they will experience new ways of handling different issues. This will also give them improved chances of employment worldwide, to practise English and to be a part of the European community. This will give them an increased cultural competence and social experience. We see this as an opportunity for our students to become more confident and independent since they will be in a new environment with new challenges and stay at a university campus with other students from all over the world. We think this will improve the quality of the education at the Health Care Program at Katrinelundsgymnasiet, since both teachers and students will have this project as a life-long learning education. The teachers will also learn new things when visiting the homes for elderly, create contacts, speak English, meet another culture and meet the students in new environments. In preparation the participants will practice English, focusing on vocabulary used in health care, and learn about Malta's history, culture and religion. They will also, together with the teachers, form a group and through these preparatory activities get to know each other. PPD-tests and Hepatitis a+b vaccinations will be taken, the students will be tested for MRSA test after the Malta-visit. In Malta, the participants will take part in everyday tasks at the nursing homes where they have their placements, working together with different staff members. In some afternoons they will participate in various activities organized by the teachers, such as visiting places of interest. After fulfilling their internships the participants will receive a Mobility Pass which can be used for getting employments both nationally and internationally. For our school, having contacts abroad is valuable when it comes to attracting students and staff, and in improving our teaching. Cultural competence is valuable in our multicultural society.



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