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Vocational Training for European Creatives
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Gecko Programmes, in Birmingham and Wolverhampton, delivers training to people who are or aim to be employed in the creative and cultural sector. This project sends 96 learners who are studying or have completed studying a curriculum relevant to the creative and cultural sector to Spain and Italy for either 22 days or 60 days. During this period the participants will develop their enterprise skills and employability and take part in a work placement with one of the partners. This will develop their skills and competences in marketing, event management, tourism, creative production, exhibitions and promotions, restoration, export management and leisure. The participants will develop a wider awareness of the chosen industry, improve their transferable vocational and soft skills, demonstrate initiative, build entrepreneurship, confidence and self-esteem, declare aspiration through their career development plans (job prospects) and improve their language skills and cultural awareness. We aim to boost employability, with participants gaining the sparkle they need to compete in the current job market - attaining the job they want, and being able to manage their own career development as a citizen of Europe. This economic activity benefits communities - communities looking inward upon themselves and gaining cohesion with active players, and looking outwards as a community or people, projects and employing organisations that each gain an European perspective. We build on Learning Plans by devising individual development plans that declare goals for self-development and ways of working in new teams and for new projects. Learners are supported to be entrepreneurial and to gain confidence and presentation skills. As this is a new programme, there is also also an element of staff development for four persons, so that our teaching and pastoral staff can better manage the transition from Lifelong Learning Programme to Erasmus+, and develop systems, procedures and ways of working that become common to all organisations in our partnership.



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