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Vocational training and enterprise: a winning alliance for growth 2015
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "VET-PRICE 2015" moves from the need to expand the knowledge and skills of young people training in Vocational and Technical Education, through an internship experience abroad lasting five weeks, in order to improve job opportunities. It is also a response to the training needs of the productive sectors of the Province of Treviso, hit hard by the crisis, through action that will lead to closer collaboration between the school and the workplace. The project aims to develop the skills of future technicians and middle managers, essential resources for businesses, artisans and professionals involved in the revival of industrial districts. The presence in the consortium of national companies and major trade associations guarantees the de facto recognition of the experience as an important element of the curriculum for these participants. The participants will be 72 students from 4 technical institute that teach technology (electronics, information technology, mechatronics, chemical, construction and environment-territory) and vocational education (maintenance and technical support, industrial production and handicrafts). The project is focused on the development of key competences: "Learning to learn, digital competence, entrepreneurship", and the growth of professional skills, with particular emphasis on those related to new technologies (ICT) and energy efficiency. The project aims at the same time to test and refine the methodology and tools needed for recognize work as integrated component of training. The internships will be assessed by the hosting companies as required in the Learning agreement. At the end of the experience, in addition to receiving the “Europass Mobility" document, the participants will have a skills certification prepared in accordance with the procedures ECVET valid for the award of college credit. Vocational training internships will be held in companies located in UK and Spain, those countries have a high level of development in renewable energy, and in Eastern Europe (Slovenia, the Czech Republic, the Estonia), where there is a strong presence of Veneto companies. In those countries English is used as lingua franca. The project will be done with training agencies expert in the management of alternating training and with which the network has long working relationships. In these countries the project will give young students the opportunity to observe the reconversion of the industrial and the construction sectors through energy conservation and upgrading of the territory. They will be placed in companies in which they can actually implement the knowledge and skills being gained at school. Professional growth is also accompanied by a personal growth because young students will have the opportunity to test themselves to tackle problems in the organization of everyday life in a multicultural contexts, and to solve challenges by themselves. Schools network in turn will use the experiences in terms of assessment of the adequacy and appropriateness of subject content proposed and will enhance the quality of training. The project is implemented in network between schools and other institutions, companies and organizations that have partnerships or share objectives with schools: among these, the Technical Institute top of Mechatronics, the Industrial Association, Confartigianato and private companies. The project is coordinated by FORTES Social Enterprise. All network partners will bring their experience, skills and resources in their respective professional fields and in the field of non-formal education: like information on training needs, participation in preparatory meetings and/or evaluation of the internship abroad, collaboration in the dissemination of results of the project. The network also includes the involvement of local authorities, companies, local media (newspapers, TV, web TV, portals) and social partners. All of them will help to disseminate the results of the Project.



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