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Vocational Language Training for Truck Drivers - Truck Speak

The Truck Speak project aims to improve the language skills of truck drivers, with a particular focus on EN, NL, BG, FR, PL, DE & ES. The project will enable truck drivers to acquire sector specific language skills at vocational training level, the aim being to enhance the Europe-wide job prospects of the target group. An ultimate project aim is to influence training organisations and social partners to incorporate language training as a key component of driver training. The project builds upon a previous project, which developed a language package for truck drivers and utilises the previously developed 'Master' template (English for French Drivers/French for English Drivers) as a basis for developing its own vocational language training targeted at truck drivers. Recordings for the other project languages will be made using the concept of a 'Day in the Life of a Truck Driver'. Beyond this, each recording will be tested, validated, assessed and disseminated to users. The project will also provide training for trainers to support personnel delivering the language courses in each partner country. The language packages will be offered as language courses with accompanying cassettes/CDs. An online database will be further developed to record the language status of trainees at the start and following completion of their training. Internal and external evaluations of the language package will also be undertaken and each package adjusted accordingly. The eventual programme expects to be accredited. The Language for Special Purposes website, as well as in-house publications, conferences, and press releases, will advertise and disseminate the end project results.



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